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Network running super slow!

By michael.burgess ·
I have around 250 computers on my network. Windows 95.98.NT.2000 and XP OS.

Servers are mostly NT and some 2000.

Recently, within the last few months my network seems to be crawling. Files are taking an extra long time to transfer. Sometimes email takes a long time to open and networks applications are almost impossible to use. I need info on software and or anything else that can help me determine what the problem areas are.

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by adembo In reply to Network running super slo ...

Besides the obvious: Virus, malware, and Trojans? How about your switches? Are you sure they are running at 100mbps?

I would invest in a protocol analyzer. There are several free ones, but the one's you pay for are far more usefull. They give you graphs, are more configurable, and usually easier to use. My favorite is EtherPeek from Wildpackets.

If you dont know where your traffic is coming from, its going to be tough to fix it. Get a protocol analyzer and you should be able to see a better picture of why things are slow.

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by jonno112 In reply to Network running super slo ...

You need to find the offending switch or computer or cable by process of elimination get your network map out and start pulling out cables and disabling switches

I have had this happen to me before and it was as simple as a cat5 cable plugged from one point to another (I think we enabled sap after that to stop it from happening I think it's sap) A teacher thought she would make herself useful.

We narrowed it down to a certain section then pinpointed a room and there it was.

Also another problem is a rat could have chewed a cable or some other damage has occured.

Hope you find the problem

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by Chorito In reply to Network running super slo ...

is the network like this all the time or just during office hours?

I would monitor the network for a few days and see around what time of the day the network slows. And then look into what users are connected or what computer(s) are turned on when the network begins to slow. Using this method you can pinpoint the problem quickly.

Best bet is to go to work early...and test the network and see if it is slow when no one is there...then keep monitoring while users come in and turn machines on. and stay late to see when it subsides..

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by ITsHuman In reply to Network running super slo ...

Software alone won't help you. Use the engineering approach. Try to isolate the problem first. Are the files and applications you are trying to access/transfer in the same LAN or accross a WAN? Is this a LAN or a WLAN? From a machine that has a slow access/transfer problem run the basic Windows networking troubleshooting tools (ping, tracert, etc) against the target server and find out if there is any packet-loss, or excessive delays.

What has changed in the servers/desktops since you started having the problems? I.e: (New service packs, new Anti Virus, new network hardware, etc). It is always important to document these things.

Finally, if you got to a point where you really need a protocol analyer, I think you might want to try:

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