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By swaldman ·
I maintain a large wide area network and use DHCP at many locations for roaming laptops etc. We occasionaly have outside laptops (contractors etc.) that are plugging into our network, getting an address and causing problems. They can't get access to network resources, but the virus threat etc. is there. Asside from diabling the jacks we are not using, is there anyway to solve this situation and not allow foreign PC's access to anything when they plug in? How are other companies handling this? Throw technology at it?

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by jbaker In reply to Network Security

Set your IPS to only allow known machines to access the network. There are several ways to do this....MAC filtering might be one of the easiest. This way, if you need to give a vendor/contractor network or internet access, you can (if you keep a couple of registered PC cards on hand it is as easy as handing them one).

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What about LAN outlets

by swaldman In reply to

MAC filtering on the AP's is a great idea. But what can I do with the LAN part. Any ways to tell DHCP to only give out addresses to known PC's without going through and setting up a ton of reservations?

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