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    Network Security Design for 8 ADSL Business Internet Lines

    by zalitko ·


    The scenario:

    8 ADSL lines (impossible to upgrade to 1 GB Full Fibre or switch to another Internet Provider that offers 1 GB Fibre. 8 WAN cables directly coming to a Server’s room.

    The task is to add firewall solution to a one full flat network.

    Option 1: 8 ADSL lines – 8 Firewalls or 16 (Firewalls with resilience) – exorbitant and unwise.

    Options 2: Cancel 8 ADSL lines and 1 GB Full fibre and add to 1 or 2 (resilience) firewalls. Impossible since ISP is limited, and not alternatives.

    Option 3: I have heard there is a device that extremely expensive that can be configured to treat 8 ADSL lines into 1, again to buy such an expensive devices for 8 ADSL lines is stupid.

    I am running out of ideas, and I start thinking to implement Internal Firewalls.

    What do you think guys, any ideas or alternative possible solutions? Perhaps, I may have some thoughts on the next directions? Thank you!

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      This has to start with “But why?”

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Network Security Design for 8 ADSL Business Internet Lines

      I can’t begin to guess why you are going down this path. Maybe you need 8 independent internet connections and that’s why the firewall. Without a clean view of what and why this design I would outsource this work.

      Also, what is “expensive”? For some we know the usual 10 thousand USD Cisco gear may be called expensive but it does the job after you get the Cisco engineer on site to configure it and give our IT leads a short rundown on how to check on its day to day health. What is expensive? Sometimes it’s anything past 20 dollars? This also varies with country since here in the continental USA we can get most gear for fair prices.

      As to more options for the internet, there’s this

      But again, the why and what the end design is trying to accomplish is missing.

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