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i am a college student majoring in computer sciences. i read through the forums quite often but this is my first time posting to it. the thesis of my paper is to research the effects of cyber-crime on the economy, the government, users and network managers. i am aware that many of the posters here are very knowledgeable about network security and have first hand experiences dealing with cyber-crime. i would highly appreciate any information that i can be given including the source, but more than that i would appreciate is if you could share your personal experiences in dealing with cybercrime for your corporation. the information can also be statistical, that how much does your corporation spend annually on cyber-security and if available the, the types of attacks your network suffers. i am also planning to include mental stress in the paper. please also let me know if i have the permission to use the data in my research paper and all credit would be given. please also include any means of direct contact to you.
P.S: this paper is actually for my College Composition class, but i chose this topic hoping that it will help me down the road. thank you.
once again, i would appreciate any information given.

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