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Network Security jobs, it is chicken and the egg?

By nuklearkrisis ·
How do you get a network security position, if you have no experience? I mean I could go buy but a PIX firewall and I am going to get the CCNA soon plus I have a degree. But I dont think any of that will matter to an employer due to how sensitve security is. So how do you get in? Is it simply you have to know someone? Or the whole.."Hey let the Database Administrator be the security guy, he knows computer stuff right?" Then he goes out buys a few books and wings doing security for his company. So how do you get in? If one has all the education, say I get a Network+ cert or something like that. But I am not seeing any opportunities like that on Dice or whatever. If I mastered firewall technology and could prove it to an employer, what chances might I have of getting a entry level security position? If entry level even exists in that industry.

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frustrating... been there.... my two cents...

by ---TK--- In reply to Network Security jobs, it ...

When you are first starting out its a pain in the rear end... I know first hand... I worked on PC's for 10 years, nothing professional, tried to get a couple jobs in the field... nothing... So I went and got a degree, That opened a door to entry level position, fixing laptops, trouble shooting, local PC issues (contractor) and the job really sucked, but I needed the experience.... Then I updated my resume (after I got tired of the abuse from the end users), now I have something to put in my resume... I sent it to 100+ companies, and posted it on monster jobs, yahoo jobs, local listings, anything and everything I posted it up. About 4 months later, a company calls me with an entry level Unix/NT admin job. Three interviews later (with the same company) I got the job. Now its 7 months later, I just got a (slight) bump up to a different position (NT Server Ops.) slowly working my way up... God only knows where I will be in ten years... but I now have a nice foot in the door...
My advice is get your name out there, Send your resume for positions that your not qualified for... the worst they can say is no! And just maybe, they might say... Well we dont think you are a fit for this position, but you look like you could fit this one... and there is your foot in the door... Keep your head up, and make it happen! Also social networking is great too.

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One more thing!!!

by ---TK--- In reply to frustrating... been there ...

Try and get in with a huge company... Eventually they will have a position available...

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Breaking in

by rahouseholder In reply to Network Security jobs, it ...

It's hard to start in any field when you have no experience. Is your degree in Information Security? Getting the CCNA and Network+ will help you get an entry level network admin position or help desk position. I know these aren't the position you are looking for, but you have to start somewhere and work your way up. Do volunteer work to get some experience to put on your resume. Answering questions here is a good place to do that. You can print questions that you have answered and show them how many "thumbs up" you get for helping others. You should also look at the security specific certifications such as the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
Most importantly is be patient and be willing to take a lesser job until you get the experience that the position you want requires.

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I Agree

by wanttocancel In reply to Breaking in

Get your certs, get your degree, read up as much as you can about security and the newest technology so you'll be up-to-date and then try to look at places you wouldn't think of. Try school districts, banks, slightly known government agencies (such as the health department) and places of the sort. During my IT job search I saw plenty of jobs for security openings at those types of places.

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