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I have a project for school involving setting up network security policies, and for the enforcement of network security. The business I am proposing security policies to consists of 3 locations with each location having 46 users, 34 computers and 4 printers. The business is American Muscle Cars. They are wanting to start selling parts and cars online and advertise online, plus be able to communicate with each other and have access to resources at each others location. What network security policies are needed for this small business that would adequately secure their network?

Any suggestions are appreciated

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Funny, but I never had such homework assignments when I was in school

by ManiacMan In reply to Network security policies

Sorry, but what you're requesting is that we do your homework for you and that's not why we're here. We are volunteers who devote our time to helping others with simple IT issues, but what you're asking for is a bit beyond what we're willing to offer here. I usually bill as a consultant for the kinds of things you're asking answers for here because that in itself is system design and analysis. Sorry, but ask something simpler next time.

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by favrefan In reply to Funny, but I never had su ...

This is for a Capstone class it is a group project and I am assigned to Network security, I was not looking for any complex design answers, just a simple: firewall sugestion and Secure remote access approach.
Sorry to bother you

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Ignore him

by Tig2 In reply to Advice

What I think I'm missing from your question is what angle you're considering Network security from. Are you looking to write policy for the end user- password parameters, acceptable use, etc? Or are you looking to set policy about the way end users authenticate to the system? Or are you looking at it from the standpoint of data protection?

Secure remote access would suggest VPN. If your users are mobile (laptop) then they should be using VPN with a secondary qualifier such as a keyfob or biometric key. You should also have the HDD set to encrypt data on save with automatic decryption with the correct user credential.

Given the size of network that you would have, your firewall would likely be appliance based.

Take a look at for discussions about firewalls. Also search through here- in particular, go through Chad Perrin's security blog.

That ought to get you started. Keep checking back here as other peers may weigh in.

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by favrefan In reply to Ignore him

Thanks for the advice, me and my classmates are on the same page as you are, we are mostly working on the endusers authentication and the data protection.

Thank you!!

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