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By Kiki1221 ·
Hi there,

So, the company I am working at isn't letting us upload anything that is on the company servers to a USB key. (to not get our files stolen)

We backup our machines programs to our servers. And sometimes I need to access this backup and put it back to a USB key or external hard drive to work with it on my (not connected to our servers) laptop.

Is it easily possible for IT to work with permissions like that:
Still block everything to be downloaded from our servers to external drives, but allow me only one specific folder where I can download?

For example I'd like to only be able to get what's in the ''backups'' folder. Everything else should remain blocked.

Just asking as some IT guys told me it's impossible. I need it to work properly.

Thank you,
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Not likely that you will win this battle.....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Network security question

I have worked for a few large companies that did not allow such access. As a general rule of thumb, they limit outside applications/users from unauthorized access without permission from IT, and secondly to prevent Malware/Viruses from infecting the systems.

You can appeal to IT, but not likely will succeed in doing so. Best wishes.

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Thanks for the answer

by Kiki1221 In reply to Not likely that you will ...

Thanks for the feedback.

The thing is they allow our usergroup to UPLOAD to the server.
They simply don't allow anybody to COPY files FROM the server to an external drive, to prevent informations leak I guess.
I just want my usergroup to be able to COPY files ON an external drive FROM only ONE SPECIFIC FOLDER in the server.
When debugging machines and stuff, without original programs, it's really hard for me to do a good job. If it's an emergency, I usually have to wait 30 minutes or so for IT to let me get the file I want, then they block the access again.
I will probably lose the battle, but I want to provide the direction with everything I can so I may win.

Thank you,

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Try to not confuse what is possible with what is policy.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Network security question

Two entirely different things.

1. Possible. Yes.
2. Policy. Still yes.

I've worked with such before and had to do the work in their office on their computers. No work from home there.

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So, how to?

by Kiki1221 In reply to Try to not confuse what i ...

Thanks for confirming me it's possible.
Of course, it will be for office computer, not personnal one.
It is just simple policy modification to Windows or would it require more hard work in order to allow me to do what I want? I'm about to send them the request.

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I can't answer.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to So, how to?

I don't know their implementation of the restriction. It's also possible they outsourced the lockdown system and that would me "hard work" by their definition.

-> It's very likely they don't support offline, not connected to their network work. Some offices are like that.

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