Network Segmentation

By briarrabbitt ·
What is the maximum number of hosts one SHOULD have on a layer 2 network before it needs to be segmented?

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That really depends

by jmgarvin In reply to Network Segmentation

It depends on so much. What kind of usage are we talking about? What's the topology? What are the security needs?

Basically, I'd say as soon as the bandwidth degrades you need to segment your network. I'd also say you need to segment it if you need to separate out users for security reasons.

Not a total answer, but something to think about.

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Rule of Thumb

by briarrabbitt In reply to That really depends

Well, it's a flat, all layer two class c network with almost entirely snmp management traffic. Nothing too bandwidth intensive. Currently it's got about 150 hosts. I thought it was a rule of thumb to split the network at about 200 hosts.

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security first

by 45GEEK In reply to Rule of Thumb

First this should be planned before deployment...150 say nothing about how it is segmented for you as far as like dept/process/applications/users...etc..but the first of firsts is security and I tend to go with nothing that is normal or rule of is one of the easiest and cheapest beginings for using drive N: instead of C: as the default for exucuatables....but at all time I would recommend VSLM as it leaves your options open for future growth and deployment...and then the most important becomes the schema for the logical layout.

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