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Network server access denied

By jpulliam ·
We have NT 4.0 NOS, with 4 domains set up with two way trusts. We are experiencing problems when users travel with their Win2K Pro laptops."Roy's" home domain is A, and the other domains are B,C and D. The domains are conrcted via frame-relay m and multiple T-1's. Roy is able to access all resources in domain A, as well as domains B,C and D (given that he has rights to all). Roy goes to domain B on Tuesday with his Win2K laptop running DHCP client, he gets a LAN connection and logs into his home domain begins his daily tasks. He is able to access files from the local servers and print to local network printers; he evens sends a print job to the accounting printer residing in domain A--his home domain. On Wed. Roy goes back to domain A andpowers up his lap to and begins his daily tasks. He picks up some reports from the accounting folder on the Report Server, when Roy gets ready to print he realizes that there is a new printer closer to his office. When Roy attempts to connect to theprint server He recieves a \\machine\resource the specified network name is no longer available. His event viewer reports the following message: "the mesenger service terminated w/ a specific error 2119."

I am aware that Win 2K Pro, is based on DNS principles, is this somehow a part of the problem. We are pointing to DNS servers provided by our ISP only, there are no local DNS servers on our network. We are running WINS and all names on the local network seem to be translating correctly. Howcan we solve this problem?

It has been suggested that the at the command line to do an IPconfig /release several times then do a ipconfig /renew several times.

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Network server access denied

by deltree In reply to Network server access den ...

You mentioned it is a new printer.
Is it possible it is not setup correctly on the print server and shared out?

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Network server access denied

by jpulliam In reply to Network server access den ...

The printer is accessible to other Win2k users. The problem is that the server running print services can not be reached

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Network server access denied

by paul.a.wisniewski In reply to Network server access den ...

does he have rights to print to that printer ? i'm also assuming your domains have static ip's , edit the host file on workstation to include the domain's ip's
this is one way keep from losing connections

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