Network server drop

By beachboy11 ·
I have a customer that uses HP Tablets (Vista) to roam their offices for medical care. Every so often, they loose connectivity with the Server which houses SQL. So I had him check his wireless connectivity every time they get "Can not connect to SQL database" and they have 100% connectivity.
At the same time, they can also ping the Server which comes back at 4ms. The software company that wrote the software is insisting that it is a Network issue. I am at a loss now after a full day of troubleshooting. I had someone tell me that there might be a wireless "timeout" that exists in the Registry. Any thoughts or ideas here?? Thanks.

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Have you checked the

by Jacky Howe In reply to Network server drop

SQL Server error logs. It would be a good place to start.

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SQL logs

by beachboy11 In reply to Have you checked the

Yes, sorry, should have noted that. I checked the logs, and there is nothing about dis connectivity. Also, there are two tablets on the wireless network, 5 desktops on the wired network. No problems with the wired side, just the wireless side. But you can connect to the internet when they loose connectivity, so I know its not a router or wireless issue.

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Check the Event Logs

by Jacky Howe In reply to SQL logs

on one of the PC's in question it may give you something more concrete to go on. The only info that I can find is probably out of date.

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Event log

by beachboy11 In reply to Check the Event Logs

I'll give that a shot tomorrow. Thanks.

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