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By emran999 ·
Hi folks,
I have been intrusted to build a network for a small size business that will have two servers & 10 pc's. The network will also have a dsl broadband connection. All of the pc's have XP & the servers run on windows 2003 advanced server. The servers will have AD & all the networking services. Files will be replicated between the servers. The whole network will run on a switch & a router which will connect to the outside world. This is my first time building a network. Can you suggest what kind of routers or switch should i use? & for the security what would be the best. Thanks a lot.

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by rkuhn In reply to Network set up

What's the budget? Who's managing it? How knowledgable are they? Setup is one thing, maintaining it another.

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by LR33LR In reply to Network set up

You are heading in the right direction using a router and a switch. The router will be used to connect the DSL connection. The switch will be used for each computer which will allow Full Duplex provided you have a switch that supports it. I do not know how your network will be configured, wireless or wired? If wired, this will provide a little security as to transport of data as opposed to wireless which will require wireless encryption. Security can be implemented through various ways such as your AD, Win server 2003 and depending on your switch it can be implemented their also. Routers can be configured to provide security such as to ports that would be allowed access to your network.

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by lamczyknic3000 In reply to Network set up

If you're looking for good routers and switches at affordable prices then go with D-Link products. They're reasonably priced and work very efficiently. As for security, you can purchase multi-purpose routers that have high tech firewall capabilities. Most routers are like that. You should look into purchasing a switch that is a smart switch that utilizes multiple protocols to ensure quick packet transfer. Logically speaking though Cisco products are top of the line and I would highly recommend using them.

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