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    Network set up with the use of a switch


    by roy.d.echevarria ·

    I am a member of the Florida National Guard. I was aproach with the task of setting up a network with the use a switch, printer, and 10 laptops. will tha be posible to do running windows xp and server 2003

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      by jc2it ·

      In reply to Network set up with the use of a switch

      Yes, it is quite simple. Assuming the following

      1. You have a Network Interface Card (NIC) installed in each laptop. This has a port that looks like a wide phone jack. DO NOT Plug a phone cord into it.

      2. You have at least 10 CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 cables available, as well.

      There are a few different ways to approach this, and they depend on your answers to some questions.

      Is this temporary? Will it be Mobile?

      Is the Network Switch Wireless, or Cabled, See above point 2?

      Do you need to connect this network to another network (Internet, DoD network, etc…)?

      If you have never done this before and this needs to be mobile, then you should drill the assembly and disassembly of the network like you would cleaning your gun. How fast can you do it Accurately?

      Most setup can be done at one point and then the network can be moved around, but the setup needs to be done correctly to maintain a certain level of security (which may be more critical than I am used to as a civilian).

      You need to discuss this with the IT department of the Florida National Gaurd before you do this. There are probably certain configurations that need to be discussed.

      If the switch is wireless then it is called an Access Point.

      The operating systems listed all function together, and you will all be able to print to the printer, when connected to the network. Assuming the printer has drivers for Windows server 2003 (more likely than not, if it is new).

      There is a significant amount of configuration that needs to be done, depending on what services you need to run, which depend on what networks you need to connect to, which may depend on how thoes networks are configured.

      If this is mission critical, or ever could be, DO NOT enter into this lightly.

      Hope this helps,
      Job Cacka

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      Reply To: Network set up with the use of a switch

      by roy penfold ·

      In reply to Network set up with the use of a switch


      I would recommend hanging the printer of the back of the server, then setting up user and machine accounts on the server for each laptop and user.

      When the laptops and server are connected via the switch, go into the network settings on each laptop and set the server as PDC.

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