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Network set up wizard

By cdas ·
Sorry guys, I'm not really into this stuff like you. A small problem getting my question answered. Help.

I have four computers in my office, and three printers. My AT&T DSL modem is also a hub for four DSL out lines. The computers are for different purposes AND I am the only user. When setting up the network, and primarily the file shareing,the wizard comes up with the statement "If you continue without disconnecting the internet line,my files will be accessable by anyone on the internet."
Does this mean that anyone in cyberspace, or does it only mean anyone "on the network?" (Which is only me.)
I don't want to continue until I know what I'm looking at.

I'd love to get a nice concise answer to that, so I can move on.

Thank You very Much.

John Arason

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One question, has your router/modem got a password?.

If not then yes anyone can have access, but not directly. It takes sometime but there are people out there with special software that sniffs out networks that are not secure. So if your modem come router has a password, then carry on as usual. Oh make sure you anti-virus and security software is up to date.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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A big thank you to Paconet

by cdas In reply to One question, has your ro ...

I had never thought to wonder about that question. AT & T has just informed me that my modem is password protected and encrypted, so apparently I secure to network and file share.

Thanks a bunch. You led me in the right direction to get the information I needed.

JOhn Arason
Van Nuys, California

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