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Network Setup with SonicWall behind Fios Router

By mathewrmullan ·
Tags: Networking
I need to allow public access to a web server behind a SonicWall Firewall on my network.

Here's my network layout:

Internet ----> Fios Router (public IP 173.63.xx.x) ----> Sonicwall (WAN port, 192.168.1.xx) ----> Server (LAN port, 192.168.168.xx)

I need to be able to access the server from the public IP but between the Fios Router and the Sonicwall both having remote management enabled, I'm having a hard time figuring out which ports to use for making the server accessible to the public.

Any help is greatly appreciated
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by abartkiewicz In reply to Network Setup with SonicW ...

you need to setup nat on your firewall and map the outside ip to the inside ip of the server. You should allow need ports on your firewall. If it was me I wouldn't have both a firewall and a router. I would do all my routing through my firewall. https is over port 443 and http is port 80.

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