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hi i searching for a couple of answers.
i want to set up a network for a company wich will work mostly like a terminal server were the user log on to there pc but all work that are done on the workstations are save to the server automatically and back up to another backup what i mean is that i dont want any data save on the users pc at all and there account will expired after some time for security they wont be able to have access to the data on there pc when log of the server.and i want the server to be running win server 2008. in what way can i do this? thanx.

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Redirect My Documents?

by 1bn0 In reply to network setup

Windows supports account expiry dates already. If you want to customize or automate it based on logon, you may be able to do so through the logon script.

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check out.....

by ---TK--- In reply to network setup

You can accomplish this with using a DC, active Directory, and Roaming profile/users. Also you will need to configure GPO's correctly.

LOL... just research Roaming user setup.

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active directory

by eltonpiko In reply to check out.....

thanx for the reply. one more thing i should be running active directory to set up roaming profile wich is on the domain controller with each user profile thats going to be on the network right? but this will also be conected to an existing mail server wich is running active directory also so how do i go with this is it posible to be running two active directory service at the same time?and the user should de loged on to at list one right so how do i make does two as one but on separet server?or could i remove the active directory on the mail server only leav out exchange running on it?i hope you understand what im trying to say.

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Any reason you do not want to use

by Dumphrey In reply to network setup

terminal server?

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