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Network Share Accessibility Woes

By c.lee ·
Hello Folks, I have a network issue and I've been trying to get this done for a few days - with no ability to resolve it - hopefully some of you can.

Background information:
Computer with Network Share: Windows XP Pro w/ Service Pack 2. Let's call this: comp1. File & Printer sharing enabled - Firewall has exceptions, File & Printer Sharing is checked off as an exception. I've created a share, called "test" and so far only the administrative account can use it. However, I've created a group & a user. Say Group is called: g1, and user name is: bob. Bob is password protected and he is given permissions to rwx. Group g1 contains bob. Both g1 and bob are added in share permissions on "test". Both are given full control on test. "Everyone" group is removed. Administrative account is also part of g1 - I can use the network share using a different computer using the same admin/pass for "Test" folder. However, I cannot get bob account to work, even with the remote computer using the exact same name and password.

On the second computer: Windows XP Home w/ SP 2. Let's call this comp2 File & Printer Sharing enabled. Firewall has File & Printer Sharing enabled. When using administrative account, I can access the network share on comp1 using comp2 with administrative account. I cannot access comp1 using comp2's bob account even though comp1 has same exact bob account.

Any suggestions? I want to make bob a limited user - he is part of group Users & g1 only.

Administrative account is part of g1, Users, and Administrators, only.

Anybody got a suggest for me? I even tried using Windows Automated Network Setup - I tried it with that, still didn't work. Both work groups on comp1 and comp2 are exactly the same.


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by BFilmFan In reply to Network Share Accessibili ...

Local Share Permissions will require individual user accounts that authenticate to the system for access.

Check here for some troubleshooting suggestions;EN-US;Q308007

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Network Share Accessibili ...


On the Share Tab is a box marked Permissions. Have you set the *share* permissions here, and then set the security permissions on the next tab?

When I set up a share I set the Permissions on the Share Tab to allow Everyone full control. Then I specify the type of access each user has to the share on the next tab. Users which are not included in the list on the second tab will get an Access Denied message.

This only allows user accounts which have been granted access on the second tab to get into the share. Even though Everyone is allowed on the *share* permissions, the actual user account security is configured on the next tab.

Apologies if you have already done this.

Good luck

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