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Network Shares unavailabe on XP

By teke ·
I'm running Win2000 Server SP4 with P4-1.6 and 512Mb RAM. I have 20 Workstations and have recently replaced Win98Se with XP pro. Now when a class (this is at a school) signs in and access a server share the shares, all the shares lockup and cannot be accessed until I reboot the server. I get this application error in my events:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Userenv
Event Category: None
Event I 1000
Date: 11/02/2004
Time: 11:46:42 AM
Computer: SERVER
Windows cannot access the registry information at \\\sysvol\\Policies\{31B2F340-016D-11D2-945F-00C04FB984F9}\Machine\registry.pol with (1351).

I've tried to open and read this file, registry.pol with poledit, but It says that it cannot open it. I've tried a backup copy, but get the same message.

I'm using a legacy DOS bat file script to create the shares. Which seems to work well.

Any suggestions???

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check security

by lcampbell In reply to Network Shares unavailabe ...

You are now running with NTFS security on the folder most likely. As Win98 didn't deal with this type of file security, you will have to make sure the permissions are correct to end this issue.

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Problem with Sysvol?

by AutoC In reply to Network Shares unavailabe ...

The first thing I notice is the date of the error is 11/02/2004. If you did not change this for submission to this site then the first thing is to set the server clock to the correct date and time. With Kerberos security if the server and client are separated by more than 5 minutes on time it can cause security problems with logon and access.

From the error message I see that you are using Active Directory. Sysvol is a shared volume that contains all the domain policies that need to be accessed by both the computers as they boot up and users as they logon. With the limited information provided I assumed that the computers have been joined to the domain. If any of the rights have been altered on the sysvol share your computers and or users may be prevented from reading the policies. I use vbscripting to map drives and printer from within the OU policy. I recommend that you look at it as an alternative to a cmd logon batch file as it will give you much greater functionality.

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Permissions seem OK

by teke In reply to Problem with Sysvol?

If any one user wants to acces a share That's not a problem. I think even 2-6 six is OK, but when an entire class of 20plus try it locks up.

I'll check on the system time to be sure. Thanks for that tip. Acvite directory is relatively new to me. I'm learning as I go. Any other tips are appreciated.

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DFS Client

by nhunyady In reply to Network Shares unavailabe ...

I read once on microsoft that group policies may have problems loading on XP clients.. there was a registry hack that enabled the DFS client... It seems to work on my end. I dont get group policy errors any more...
It was HKLM\System\currentcontrolset\Services\MUP
In this string make a new dword entry. Name it
DisableDFS and the value is 0

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