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    Network Sharing


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    I have a small network at my home with File and printer sharing. I have not done anything crazy with file and/or print servers. I have about 5 computers all on the same network. There are 2 PC’s and 3 laptops. Everything is connected wirelessly (Linksys WRT54g) except for one of the PC’s which is hardwired to the router and also has the printers connected to it. All of the computers run windows XP Home w/SP2 except for the hardwired PC and a laptop which runs Windows XP Pro w/SP2. Everything can communicate with one another except for the hardwired PC. I can access other computer files and their printers from the hardwired PC but nothing can access it. Every time I go into Network places and try to access the Files I get an error message that says ?logon failure: user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer? I have checked the firewall which is Zone Alarm Pro I have even shut it down to see if that was the problem. I have checked the local security policies and everything looks as it should. Please let me know if there are any fixes that can be tried.

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      Is the Windows Firewall on?

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      That seems unlikely based on the error stated but its worth a look. Also Is there an account for the user attempting to connect to the PC in question on the PC in question and do the passwords match? It should prompt you for a password otherwise but for troubleshooting purposes it would be worthwhile to ensure that is the case.

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      Well you have mentioned everything but what is required here

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      The Problem is with the WiFi Access Point. You need to access it from the hardwired computer through a Web Browser and change the internal settings to Bridge Mode. Currently it’s not in bridge mode so the WiFi Connected computers can not access the Hardwired side of the LAN.

      This involves entering the HTTP Address of the device and then the user name & Password which will be in the devices Destruction Manual which is most likely on a CD as a PDF File which needs to be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If this unit was supplied b an ISP you may not have received a Destruction Manual for the Modem so in that case you either need to download the Users Manual from the Device Makers Web Site or if it is a [b]Special[/b] that is only supplied to the ISP’s you need to contact the ISP for the HTTP Address and the Access details as the maker doesn’t support the hardware.


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