Network Sharing and MS Access

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Hi all,

I would like to share my files via network sharing by giving access to specific colleagues. How does this work? I am not able to find any of my colleagues on my network when I type in their names.

If I share my Microsoft Access database via this method, would my colleagues be able to open and edit concurrently and see the latest updates in the database?

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Sharing files

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This is microsoft's answer to your question:

Basically when u right click on a folder and go to properties go to sharing.
Now there are 2 ways to do this u can add Everyone to the group you will be sharing your files with or create a new account on your pc and add the password to it. Then when u share it u can add that new account and setup their pc's to use shared folder on your pc via account and password you just created.

And on advanced u can change the name of the shared folder etc.

As per microsft access db check this link:

U have 2 ways to set it up:
1. using file sharing
2. as a database

if u share as a file - One person can open it and edit on the lan, others can see the last saved copy but cannot edit until the first person is done.

If u share as a database - All persons can see those files and depending on your setup you can have multiple persons editing the same database and looking at new entry's.

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