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    network slow downs


    by mark ·

    I am running a windows 2000 server and a linux debian server with a adsl connection for internet access. There are 5 windows XP machines on the network 6 windows NT4 PC and 4 windows 98 PC’s and 3 windows ME pc’s. all machines plug into two piggybacked 100meg netgear switches. The network has been running fine for about 1 year. About 2 months ago users on the network started complaining about the network slowing down for about a half hour to an hour on some days, ie it takes 3 mins to save a autocad file to the server when it should take seconds. the server is not running DHCP or WINS all PC’s are staticly IPed. Does any one have any suggestions to why this may be occuring?

    Thanks in advance

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      Check your drivers

      by justinf ·

      In reply to network slow downs

      I had a problem with my Accounting package on a terminal server. All the symptoms pointed to a memory bottleneck on the TS but I found that a dot matrix printer was using the wrong driver and each time our DOS application printed to it the network slowed down. It’s worth checking all your drivers. I asked all my users to document exactly when and what they were doing at the times it happened which helped to pinpoint where the problem was coming from.

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      network slowdown

      by khariskh2 ·

      In reply to network slow downs

      try running a network monitor for a 24 hour period. You can use any of the open source software or MS-netmon.

      check the network interface of your servers for errors – if you haven’t done already, search the event logs for any errors/warnings.
      Also check the port stats on the Netgears.

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      Network Slowdown

      by bremmerz ·

      In reply to network slow downs

      I had the same problem not so long ago and these where some of the steps I took to resolve the problem:

      First of all, check all of the Windows machines and any network printers and make sure that they are running TCP/IP only. If there’s any instances of NetBeui or IPX remove them as the protocols will be sending out unneccessary network traffic (provided you don’t need them of course! ;o)).

      Secondly, since you are using a switch, force the NICs on the windows machines to run at 100 M/bitFull Duplex (if they support it) and then force the switch ports to do the same.

      Also, run a full defrag on your Win 2000 server (system and data drives). Win2k has a scaled down version of Diskeeper shipped with it which will do this for you. The problem I was having was more or less down to the drive being heavily fragmented (this was on an NT 4.0 server). After a couple of boot-time defrags, the server was running sweet as a nut again.

      Obviously there’s loads more complex stuff you can do to troubleshoot this, but you should see some kind of performance increase from the basic steps above.

      Hope it helps mate,


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