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Network Slow Half Solved

By gli ·
I posted a thread about our network being slow about 3 weeks ago. We had 3 locations running WinXP and SBS 2003. Anyways, at our main location, the problem was the NIC inside our SBS 2003. I installed a new NIC in there and click on network load balance in the config of the old NIC. Seems like that are working together now and the speed is where it suppose to be. The new NIC does most of the work, the old card picks up about 1-5% percent of the load. So the main office is fixed.

Now, other locations are still slow connecting to our main office. We have point to point T1's for those locations. For me to transfer a 120MB folder, its taking me anywere from 33-66mins. When Im at the main office, it takes me a few seconds.

How long does it usually take a 120MB to go thru a T1 connection?

Thank You,

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This is a math quiz, right?

by Gill In reply to Network Slow Half Solved

120 MB * 8 = 960 Mbits

assuming 15% overhead for frames and such, a T-1 connection is a GUARANTEED bandwidth of 1.5 Mbit / sec... right? (I mean, you tell me; aren't you paying for it?)

so if only 85% of your data per second can transmit due to overhead, that's

1.5 x .85 = 1.275 Mbit / sec


960 Mbits / 1.275 = 753 seconds

that's 753 / 60 = 12.55

or, all the above holding true, about

12 minutes and 35 seconds.

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