Network Slowdown- Help me prove my roomates wrong

By Sec713 ·
I am having some issues with the internet at my house. We are currently using a cable connection to get onto the internet. The signal is split by a Netgear WGR614 v7 54Mbs wireless router. Attached to this is:
1.2 Windows XP based PC (Wireless G adapter)
2. 2 Macintosh Laptops (Using internal Wireless)
3. 1 XBox 360 (uses Ethernet cable)

Here's the problem, a few weeks back a roomate on a wireless pc started downloading using Bittorrent. he didn't monitor his up/down transmission rates and as a result this crippled everyone else's access to the internet. Guy moves out. I get an XBox 360. Now issues are popping up again, but I suspect that it has something to do with the 2 guys using their Macs to also download torrents, because my wireless pc and wired Xbox have no issues when all is running. Can anyone explain why some wireless connections are now getting choked, but not others?
And also, is it a possibility, that with these guys downloading all kinds of media from torrents that they might have gotten some kind of virus or spyware that affects them mainly when there is more activity on the network?
The reason why I ask the last thing about spyware is because I don't know where Mac owners get the idea that they're immune to viruses and spyware. My guess is that you probably just see less of them on macs, because there are significantly less Mac users than PC.... Please help me prove these guys wrong. I'm tired of having to compromise on everything I'm doing to ensure "the infallible mac" works properly on my network.

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Sure, I can make a guess...

by smallbiz-techwiz In reply to Network Slowdown- Help me ...

You'll need to be more specific if you want anything better than a wild guess. "Issues are popping up" doesn't give us much to work with. You say that your PC and Xbox have no problems so that leaves us with the assumption that these "issues" are only affecting the 2 macs. You are also assuming that these "issues" are problems with the wireless connections getting "choked". I wouldn't make that assumption until we know what the symptoms are. P2P software can make anyone vulnerable to attack, regardless of PC or MAC.

Start with cleaning up each laptop individually. Then, see if the "issues" appear when connected to another wireless network at Starbucks or someplace.

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It's the router

by CB In reply to Network Slowdown- Help me ...

The Netgear WGR614 code chokes on a certain number of connexions through the wireless antenna. The ethernet ports seem to handle connexion overflow fine. Things like bittorrent, or possibly XBox or even google maps will cause the router OS to crash and require a manual reset. To my understanding, the code has still not been rewritten properly, so you can limit the number of simultaneous connexions, or buy a new router.

... you might want to think about buying a router other than Netgear.

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