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    Network speed is too slow?


    by cwgeexx525 ·

    I have installed a new network at my home for online gaming. Installed Cat6a cable which I think is the best available option in the market but I am still not able to get enough speed.
    My network shows only 500 Mbps speed. What is the reason behind it?

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      Reply To: Network speed is too slow?

      by birdmantd ·

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      Not enough information provided. Where are you? What internet provider? What data speed do you pay for? What type of router and/or modem are you using? What connection speeds are you actually achieving? What game/application are you trying to use? Too many unanswered questions to offer constructive advice. I doubt it is an issue with the Cat 6a cable itself, but more likely the actual internet connection.

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      Re: network speed

      by kees_b ·

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      Do you mean the speed between different PC’s on your home network?

      Or do you mean the speed connecting to your ISP? That’s not the network speed, that’s the Internet speed. That’s limited by the connection itself (ADSL, cable, satellite, fiber) and by your subscription. Generally, you pay more for faster connections.

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        Network computers speed

        by cwgeexx525 ·

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        It’s the speed between my computers attached to my network. Anyways, the brother asked me a lot of questions in the top answer. Let me figure out the answer to those first.

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      Network Issue

      by thomasoliver ·

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      Physical obstructions, as well as proximity to the wireless access point or router, can have an impact on the quality of your Internet connection.

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      Reply To: Network speed is too slow?

      by petergroft ·

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      There are several simple ways to fix slow internet speeds:
      Power cycle your modem and router by pulling the power from both devices for one full minute.
      Reset the Wi-Fi configuration on your router.
      Update your router’s firmware.
      Replace your router if it’s old.

      This May Help,

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