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Hello there,

I am planning on upgrading my internernet subscription to a faster 1000 Mbps connection (Gigabit, is that what it's called??).
Now, I want to have two desktop PCs connected via LAN cable for quickest possible connection, but also want to connect phones, tablets and laptops via WiFi.
The download speed over WiFi is not important to me, only what goes into the desktop PCs should ideally be as fast as possible. I read somewhere that the PC motherboard must have Gigabit Ethernet and both desktops do, according to the specs, luckily.
The ISP only provides an Ethernet cable with the internet itself (!!), which comes from somewhere outside the house and can be plugged into a computer directly or into a WiFi router for WLAN access.
I have an older TP Link Router, TP-LINK TL-WR841N, with no 5 GHZ WLAN or any other fancy stuff like that.
If I were to plug the cable from the ISP into the Network port of the LAN Router and then connect the PCs to the LAN 1 and 2 ports respectively, will I notice a drop in performance, as compared to having the wire from the ISP directly connected into one of the PCs? If no other device is connected to WiFi and I am only using one computer, will I get the full Gigabit speed?
Or, is my old router a bottleneck? Will simply routing the cable from the ISP through the WLAN router limit the bandwidth, even though hypothetically WiFi is not used? If this were the case, I guess I'll have to update my router as well. What should I look for in terms of specs?
Excuse my English by the way, it's not my first language.
I very much appreciate all of your support guys! Thanks!

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Slowest part

by swhetsell In reply to Network speed question

Your overall network speed is determined by the slowest component you have. The TP-Link TL-WR841N is rated at 10/100Mbps. If you are getting Gigabit speed from your iSP, your router is only capable of 1/10 of that speed. You would need to upgrade your router to one that would support Gigabit. Further, the network card in your computer would also need to be able to support Gigabit.

The more devices using the same network connection will divide up your service, but unless you have heavy use on multiple devices, you probably won't notice it.

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