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By vuiyeechin ·
I'm having 8 servers running a CCTV application . Recently my company change policies which need us to keep to video clips for 1 year which now we only keep for 3 months.

Each of my servers only can have maximun 4TB of space which just enough for 3.5 month.

So if im going to change the 4TB HDD every 3 months i will need to buy total number of 64 x 2TB HDD. which is very expensive.

Each year of storage use will be around 90TB.

Im thinking of storage server through network. which im not so familiar with. can anyone recommend. please and thanks.

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What DVRs are you using?

by robo_dev In reply to Network Storage

Option 1: expand storage of existing DVR

Many enterprise-class security DVRs support storage arrays to expand the storage for each device. These are costly, but would work with no configuration changes.

Option 2: Connect DVR directly to SAN device

Some DVRs supports the connection to an industry-standard SAN device.

This allows high-speed data connection directly to the SAN via iSCSI or Fiber Channel. This would work, for example, if the DVR runs Windows as the underlying OS, or the DVR vendor supports it. This would require a iScsi or Fiber Channel adapter in the DVR, and the purchase of the SAN device itself, if one does not exist as part of your IT infrastructure.

This would cost a lot, but would be the most reliable and the easiest to manage.

Both of the above solutions would require no change in operations; data would just get written to the DVR.

Option 3: NAS solution

NAS is a similar solution, but you're using the LAN for that access. NAS devices would be separate and apart from the DVR, and access would not be nearly as fast.

In most cases a NAS is not fast enough to use as a real-time storage medium for a DVR, and it creates other issues, such as security and possible lack of audit trail.

And it would likely require some manual copying or scripted backup to archive excess video data. But it would be much much cheaper.

For example, below is a 45TB NAS unit:,2817,2374637,00.asp

Option 4: Exhange your DVRs for NVRs

NVR video recorders are designed to record data to a SAN or NAS. Some NAS devices have NVRs built into the device.

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Tower PC

by vuiyeechin In reply to What DVRs are you using?

Is a normal tower CPU with this additional CCTV card..

Running on windows XP pro..

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Well instead of adding drives

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Tower PC

I would be looking at NAS or SAN as described above. Lots cheaper and easier to use that way.


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For XP PC based DVRs the options are more limited.

by robo_dev In reply to Tower PC

My guess is that you are on a budget since PC-based DVRs are the cheapest ones.

XP cannot address more than 2TB per volume, so a SAN solution would not work.

If these are ordinary PCs, and not servers, it's not practical or reliable to put in more than a couple of hard drives...too much power and too much heat. Even if you added an external storage cabinet, the 2TB-per-volume limitation would be an issue.

A NAS would be the cheapest and best solution.

A NAS device has it's own OS, so there is no volume size limitation issue.

The one issue with a NAS device is that you would want a very fast network; preferably a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet segment for the NAS and DVRs. You would then need to add Gigabit NICs to the DVRs.

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