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Network Student needs HELP! ! !

By mark.quiroz ·
I have a case study where in this scenario
we have a company of 150 employees operating in various satellite office around the world. Each of its 20 offices has 5 to 10 staff members. For each offic, there is one main support staff member for every four engineers or consultants. Currently only one office-the headqrtrs office is networked which runs on Win-NT Server. The clients in all offices run Win-NT Workstation as well. Notes is their e-mail system an provides access to all types of documents in the company but none of the 19 offices are networked. This requires each person to dial in with a modem to Hdqtrs every time they wish to check e-mail. It also requires each person to have their own printer. All use the same software: Windows NT Workstation, Lotus notes, & Microsoft Office Professional. They also have a homeade accounting & payroll software package which they are happy with.
dECIDE WHERE THEIR INFORMATION WILL RESIDE. dECIDE WHAT HARDWARE, IF ANY, NEEDS TO BE PURCHASED. NETWORKING EACH OFFICE WILL REQUIRE NIC's FOR EACH PC AND CABLING TO LIK THEM. DECIDE WHAT SOFTWARE, IF ANY NEEDS TO BE BOUGHT AS WELL. DECIDE IF THERE WILL BE CHANGES IN THEIR CURRENT NETWORK AND HOW NETWORK MANAGEMENT MIGHT CHANGE. FINALLY, COMM UP WITH A BUDGET FOR THE CHANGES YOU PROPOSE. This company wants to stay on the cutting edge of technology. They want to keep their proposa creation process as streamlined as possible, to get project proposals to clients before their competitiros do. This means keeping things simple for the users, and keeping information easily accessible.
Thnx in advance for anyone out their with interests to HELP A STUDENT IN NEED?

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What OS will you use for the NW?

by captain Daveman In reply to Network Student needs HEL ...

Hardware and Software requirements are dependant upon some of the basic Network principals. Will you use a Directory? Will there be direct connections between the offices? Is the "homemade accounting" application networkable or even used by branch offices.
What are the security restrictions on office connections? Will they be point-to-point or via the public internet?

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by thabom In reply to Network Student needs HEL ...

Hey Mark
Put your teeth into this and let me know what el professore thinks

Cable all sites - consider category 6&7
Rationale: with all the bandwidth required (voice over IP, pictures, Remote management, security, drawings.etc,.)consider gigabit ethernet
10/100 Mb/s (auto switching)

The wide area network, to avoid any heartaches related to chasing telcom orgs., should be sattelite based.There are a few reputable companies who will ofer 5digit/Bps
bandwidth troughput. And boy it is always flying.
Plus points: You are dealing with one local company.It is all IP based. Your users will only need to drive a browser tobe able to use the system.

Since your sites are small you will need a combination router/switch/firewall. Alernatively firewall for each workstation.
(last resort)

Run a virtual private network (VPN)between all 20 sites.Routers/firewalls will be configured to allow only traffic comming from the 19 other tobe remotely manageable with allerts to the reklevant response staff or outsource/partner organisations.

Talking of management; everything must be centrally managed i.e configurations, permissions,traffic, etc,.an investigation on its own!

Now that we r thru with the plumbing consider a hard coice between lotus and windows. Tere is a great deal to consider beyond the scope of this note.Pointers like:
Lotus has a few add-ons like document & process management. Migration to 2000 is not cheap.

My view is to streghthen information by exploring intranets and extranets (communities of interest) with strict security controls in the medium to long term.

Talking of PRICE:You have to do a comparative pricing of the products/SERVICES from various vendors based on a definitive design based on this FRAMEWORK

NEEDMORE info 'bout client's processes

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