Network switch monitoring

By paul.dyson ·

There's been a few articles lately about network monitoring, but I still can't solve my problem. Hopefully someone can help.

All our PC's Internet access goes straight through the switch and out through the firewall. I.E. There's no ISA server, although one server is running DNS on SBS 2003.

How do I monitor Internet traffic (websites visited, banwidth etc), as my firewall doesn't have this feature?


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You need a special application for that

by Zen37 In reply to Network switch monitoring

Unless you are willing to spend hundreds of hours going through logs.

Google "web monitoring" and you will find many companies wanting to help you with that.

If you cannot afford that, and you want to go at it the hard way, you need to log on your firewall all the requests made to port 80 and then lookup the domain of each IP addresses that popup. But that will take for ever.

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Network Monitoring

by technogeek In reply to Network switch monitoring

There are some free applications on the net that will do some monitoring for you. Or as the other poster stated, you can go through the logs one line at a time.

Best bet is to spend a couple of bucks and pick up something that will parse all of the information for you. Try googling Network Monitoring Tools and it should give you a few hundred possible solutions.

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Easy Network Switch Monitor

by sbarie In reply to Network Monitoring

If you don't want to spend hours manually configuring your own network switch monitor, you might want to look at LogicMonitor. It's pre-configured so all you have to do is enter the host-name and it will automatically discover, monitor, and alert on all critical metrics for your network switch.

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