Network Talker

By veloso ·
I have a three-year old server with W2000 that sends packets 4-5 times as much than receiving even when idle. Upon checking other computers, they are showing about the same sent/received packets. Other than that, it browses the internet and runs apps fine. I disabled the built in NIC and put in a PCI card, but it still talks a lot. I would appreciate any input.

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Check the cables

by mjd420nova In reply to Network Talker

Faulty cables can cause a lot of resend requests that will create a lot of traffic that might not appear to affect performance.

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Network Talker

by veloso In reply to Check the cables

I already changed cables and port locations. I wonder if this could be a virus? I would hate to reformat and install W2000 from scratch.

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You may have a worm

by XT John In reply to Network Talker

Chnaces are, if your server is infected, it's from a worm. Typically, a worm will try to send itself out continually, increasing your traffic as you've described. What type of anti-virus software are you running? Have you tried any of the online system checks (such as I'd rule out a worm before going crazy with the hardware.

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