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    Network to connect to the Internet


    by pravinchand ·

    I possess three computers, on all Windows 98 is loaded and I have only one telephone line dedicated for the Internet. Each Computer is found in three different rooms. I want to have Internet access on all the three computers. Can anyone explain to me in details how I may proceed. Situations may exist that all the three computers may be surfing at different sites at the same time.
    I have been told that I may use a sharing modem for that purpose, others advise me to build a small networt with a network card installed on each PC. What is the best way to do it? and How to do it?

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      Network to connect to the Internet

      by calves ·

      In reply to Network to connect to the Internet

      There are many options. Win98 Second Edition allows you to share Internet connection with other PCs.
      Other options include:
      Setup a network and use a Proxy server. will give you a free Firewall with Proxy.

      Buy some NIC cards and a copy of WinProxy software, install a NIC on each computer and the software.

      Good luck!

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      Network to connect to the Internet

      by james a bailey ·

      In reply to Network to connect to the Internet

      You can go to your local computer store and buy a home network kit. Make sure it has 3 NIC’s (network interface card) and a hub with 3 ports. The directions will be in the box, but all you have to do is put the nic’s in your computer, install the drivers, hook them together with CAT 5 cable that most likley comes with the kit. Then if you don’t want to buy WinProxy, you can go online and search for proxy software. Use the help file in the software to set it up the best.
      Hope it works for you.

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      Network to connect to the Internet

      by gbratsberg ·

      In reply to Network to connect to the Internet

      In my opinion there are a couple of good options that both require making a small network.All you need is a hub and 3 NIC’s.Then you could use Win98SE Internet connection sharing.The other choice being more expensive but more reliable is instead of using a hub use a router and external modem.A router costs about $200.00 versus a hub $50.00.NIC,s cost less than $20.00 each.

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      Network to connect to the Internet

      by corky132 ·

      In reply to Network to connect to the Internet

      You may want to ditch your phone line, and get either DSL or a Cable modem. My DSL modem has 3 extra ports in it (for 3 more computers). You’ll still need a NIC card in all 3 computers, but you wont have to buy a hub. Most companies offering DSL or Cable these days will rebate the cost of the modem back to you.

      If you’re already paying $25 for a seperate phone line, and $19.95 for an ISP, why not spend $45 / month for DSL.. instead of 56k access, you’ll get somewhere near 500k+. It’s worth it!

      Hope this helps.

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