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By themathwizard ·
I go to different places to support various computers and the networks they have. I usually service small to mid-sized business consisting of 150 computers or less. I troubleshoot computers and the network. My main goal is to setup, repair, and organize. I am not trying to sell anything other than what is needed. I want to illustrate some of the tools in my toolbag ang see what other people consider vauable tools that we can all benefit from.
Screwdriver with bits
Lan Tester (RJ45)
Lan Tester (Fiber Optic)
Crimpers Fiber Optic and RJ45
Spare Cabling

Software I am lacking by..
Norton Utilities
Norton AV Enterprise with extra licenses
AVG with technician licensing
Partition Manager with technician licensing
Outdated NeoTrace
Hard DRive Mechanic
Windows 2003 server
windows 2000 pro and server
windows XP
Memtest 86 along with the usual (spyware, basic drivers, Fdisk etc)

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by dawgit In reply to Network Tools

You didn't mention what OSs your supporting, but I assume a WinXX somthing, at least most of them. One thing you didn't mention was a good old Digital Multi-meter. sounds silly now days, but I still rely on one from time to time to diagnose something. (something simple, can drive you crazy somethimes) Also, almost everyone I know, including me, uses a simple Linux Disk. It could be one of several out there, that boots, and does diagnostics on a Windows Sys. They are simple to use, and save a lot of time.

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os? 2

by themathwizard In reply to OS?

I don't know what os my customers will have but its either windows 2000 or XP and yes I do carry a digital multimeter which once helped me to know that a UPS was not working even when the light was green and it said it was working.

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by tim In reply to Network Tools

You didn't mention any online tools you may use. I use

the most useful part is that it has local and remote ping and traceroute.


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