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Network Tools wanted

By Sprocket ·
I am after a few network tools (freeware hopefully)

1) I need to see who is currently using files or directories on a windows 2003 server

2) I have two hard drives (about 120Gb) with similar data on, Ones newer than the other. It would take to long to manually see which files are different so a tool to automatically compare would be fantastic.

3) In a Microsoft 2003 network it is recomended to disable network messenger because it leaves you open for getting popup spam from the WWW. Is there any decent freeware that an IT Adminstrator could use to display a pop up on a users screen.

If I had all 3 of these I would be over the moon and it would save me a lot of time so I have given a high amount of points for this.

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by CG IT In reply to Network Tools wanted

humm there are support tools on the CD. Explore the CD to get to the support/tools folder then double click the setup.exe icon to install em.

You can use the Net Send command to send network messages to user on the LAN.

As far as seeing in real time whos doing what, try some of the GFI utilities. http://www/

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by Sprocket In reply to

Tried net send and I get the message this is no longer supported. no help for me.

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by jcreaghan In reply to Network Tools wanted

1) There are free utilities from Systernals that can accomplish this for you. Filemon and PsTools should get the job done.

2)There's lots of stuff on TUCOWS
or you can roll your own through script...

3) If you need the messenger service, go ahead and keep it, as long as you block the port on your gateway firewall, you should be fine.
UDP ports 135, 137 and 138
TCP ports 135, 139 and 445

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by Sprocket In reply to

Didnt like Filemon or PsTools.
We are after an alternative messenger.

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by Ole88 In reply to Network Tools wanted

For watching shares on a server (or even a workstation), I use ShareWatch. It will show you who is connected to what share. It is available at

To check those two drives, you could try a shareware program called FolderMatch. You can download a free trial at A single user license is $35.

I have no experience with W2K3 Server, but you could try going to a command prompt and typing the NET SEND command. If it works, there you have it. You can either send to a computer name, a user name, or use the * wild card to send to all computers.

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by Sprocket In reply to Network Tools wanted

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