Network Toruble

By jimnbville ·
I just started in a job where there is a wireless network. It is a Linksys Wireless router. I have a Linksys wireless card in the machine. Running XP. I can see others in the network, but I can not see mine. I am able to connect to the internet and other computers. They can ping my address. The addresses are not static addresses. One of the other computers sometimes says that the IP address is in conflict with another computer in the network. I don't see how that can be when the addresses are not static. I have looked at the other computer's settings and have adjusted mine to match. Still can't see my computer on the network. I am missing something I know but what?

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if you are receiving

by w2ktechman In reply to Network Toruble

an IP conflict, either someone else is using your IP address (spoofing) or someone set an address as static, and the DHCP server is still handing it out (because it thinks it is unused). Maybe also that the address range is used up already, and no other addresses are available...

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Static IP or two DHCP servers

by jdclyde In reply to if you are receiving

If there are two DHCP servers, one on the LAN AND the access point is feeding DHCP, they are conflicting.

Turn the DHCP on the access point off and see what happens.

There are also settings in access points that prevent connections among other devices, but I don't remember the name.

Another thing to check, do you have a firewall on your laptop? That could stop people from seeing you.

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