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Network Traffic

By KingOfTheNerds ·
Hi All,

I really need to find out the state of my network traffic. Although I can setup a server, clients etc with ease, I don't have much of a clue when it comes to checking network traffic and knowing what to fix when I see logs on packets etc.

Can someone please give me an easy to understand explanation on the main things to look for to cut network traffic, the main tools to use to identify current problems and an example of normal network traffic for a network with 200 computers and 3 servers.

At this moment I have 200 odd computers, 3 servers, multiple switches and not much of a clue on how to tell if network traffic is overloaded and where the problem lies.

Please give me your best explanation.


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by Garret` In reply to Network Traffic

There's quite a few methods of getting this info. If you don't want to use a 3rd party solution (just google for network traffic monitor for dozens of products) you can use windows own tools such as System Monitor, Performance Logs and Alerts, Event Viewer and Taks manager.

System Monitor (Start|Run|perfmon) shows you how busy and popular your servers and network are. Read the help file to see how it works and to get info on what each counter does...there's a lot!

Add a counter for Network and choose the ones approprite, such as; Server: Bytes Total/sec, or Network Interface: Bytes Total/sec

Monitor the network when you know its use is low...when staff have gone home to create a baseline. Then again at peak times, early in the morning, and later int he afternoon to get a representation of overall use and to point out bottlenecks etc.

This is a big subject and you can get very specific data from it. Too much to explain in the 2000 characters allowed here. Search the web or look at manuals on how to setup Performance monitor and logging and the other tools.

Alternatitavly you can look at your switches/routers etc for the amount of data comming in and out of them. Many show a report on every device connected to it that can be viewed from a web browser. Collect the data each day and compare them for usage. Good luck!

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by Brucekash In reply to Network Traffic

Check this out
this is a Free tool, reading the manual gives a pretty much understanding what you should look for and how to use it
Good luck

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by faez_nakaius In reply to Network Traffic

hi there,

the best thing that u can do is:

1) create a VLAN on the switches
2) Use a nmap, TCPDUMP or other network monitoring software and analyze your network performance

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by ICB's corner In reply to Network Traffic

I agree with Brucekash.I also use ethereal like a sniffer to find what kind of protocol, IP address and more flow through network. An access list with protocol restriction can be useful to eliminate overload.
I see you don't have a router then you have a single broadcast domain. Use a router between VLAN of servers and VLANs of client computers.

Use OpenView or something related to find which and what kind of traffic you are.

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by ajaymandekar In reply to Network Traffic

My Suggestion is to put a Hardware box between u'r swich whicg will monitor all u'r Traffic and also tell u which Traffic is using more bandwidth for Eg http or TCP .
Their are many third party hardware and software to manage u'r bandwidth...

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by tviji07 In reply to Network Traffic

lot of problem in my concern . Maximum come the problem in Lan and outlook

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