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By adembo ·
I am trying to find out why my link between two remote offices are so heavily utilized, when there is only 7 people in the office. There is a T1 that connects them to the internet, then VPN to our office. I tried running Network Monitor, but that only gives local traffic, and I do not have SMS server to use the more advanced one.

Question I have is, isnt it best to look at router stats? What commands are used to look at traffic over the router (Cisco)?

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by ewgny In reply to Network Traffic

Download ethereal
Also post back some more info on your network including what apps the 7 clients are using
Many apps can kill a T1 if they are moving a lot of data across the line.
A terminal server can usually solve that issue.

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by ckilday In reply to Network Traffic

There are several ways to look at interface statistics on Cisco routers depending upon the device and the IOS it is running. One way is to turn on ip accounting. Telnet/console into the router and enter enable mode. Go into configuration mode and select the interface you want. Type in "ip accounting", exit configuration mode and save your changes. Let it simmer awhile and then go back into the router and type "show ip accounting". You should receive a display of source/destination IP addresses along with the number of packets/bytes transmitted. The other method is called "ip nbar protcol-discovery". It is also implemented on the interface, and it will give you different statistics, like "top-n" protocols and talkers so you can discover traffic composition. Go to and search on "ip nbar protocol-discovery" for the option details. Hope this helps.

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by adembo In reply to

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by CG IT In reply to Network Traffic

you want to know what the interface traffic is on a Cisco?

you can use router> show interfaces

depending on how your rack is setup you can look at port traffic on the switch. if your setup is computer NIC to patch panel, patch panel to switch, switch network port up to router try looking at the network port traffic or individual switch port traffic to see whats going on.

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by adembo In reply to Network Traffic

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