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Network Traffic Analyser

By bassjace ·
Would anyone be able to suggest a good, pref free network analyser or packet sniffer for a network. We are about to implement a F5 Network Load balancer and I would like to take an in depth look at network traffic. I have toyed with a couple but they seem to be limited to traffic that is only coming or going to the single PC's nic. I would like to see all traffic on our subnet.

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by lhatcher In reply to Network Traffic Analyser
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I second that.

by stress junkie In reply to Ethereal

Ethereal is great, it's free, and it runs on several operating systems.

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Packetyzer even better

by penguinvitamins2 In reply to Network Traffic Analyser

Eathereal is great but try this Free Windows based sniffer which presents captured traffic better but still allows for detailed analysis similar to the likes of Ethereal. I also think it's filter features is easier to use than Ethereal i.e. instead of filter strings it takes a few clicks to filter captured data of comms between particular machines and furhter filter down e.g. to see http traffic between those.
It also shows data types and sizes in a graphical format, making it easy to quickly see differences between say 2 supposidly similar transactions.

Download it at
(Good for short term sniffing only)
On the topic visit download section for a brilliant IP and subnet mask calculator.


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by hadg In reply to Network Traffic Analyser

To get good readings, connect a small hub (not a switch) to your router's interface and run the packet analyzer from there in order to see all network traffic. Running it from your PC will only see traffic in/out fo your nic.

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Network Traffic Analyser : Network Instruments Observer

by trevora In reply to Network Traffic Analyser

If you have the time, sit in on their weekly webcast ... we bought the product after seeing the webinar demo.

Network Instruments Observer

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Network Traffic analizer

by chris.tann In reply to Network Traffic Analyser

try ethereal it's free and has worked well for me. to see all traffic, the default option is to capture packets in promiscous mode. However, if you are trying to intersect traffic, try putting a "hub"(not a switch) in the desired traffic path. (or configure a cisco or other "port span" to basicly copy all of the information it recieved through an interface and send the copys to the "destination port".

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