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    Network traffic monitoring program


    by tchieng ·

    What’s a good program out there to monitor IP network traffic of all local (LAN) and remote (WAN) computers? Program should also be able to capture network statistics like number of packets sent, loss, latency between client & server, blah blah blah…. (you know what I mean).

    What are you using and are you satisfied? How much did it cost ya? I’m evaluating IRIS v4.06 and it seems like a cool program, but it doesn’t monitor anything outside of the LAN. I would like to monitor the VPN or WAN traffic as well (and computers on the other side of the VPN network). I don’t see a latency kind of report or statistic either. So what do you use? Give me some link or suggestions. I will award points to the first 3 person with good info or leads. Thanks

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