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Network Trouble

By roman72 ·
I have a dell server with two nic cards. We had a sonic wall router that went bad and I am putting up a WRT54G in the meantime. I am unable to get it connected, I can get the server online via the NIC 2 card and surf the internet but the workstations will not connect. We have a static IP address through our ISP which is the information I have put in the router, but the NIC 1 card has a static IP as well, the NIC 2 card is just obtain automatically. When I do an ipconfig on the workstation it comes up with the local gateway of the server not the router so it will not connect to the internet. I can still use network resources as well. Also the server is also in charge of DHCP and when i disable it in the router I get kicked off the internet and am unable to get back into the settings unless I reset it. Is there anything I need to do to the router. I am sure the server is fine because it was okay before and all i want to do is change the router.

Thank you

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OKay a few things to check

by Dumphrey In reply to Network Trouble

on the wrt54g, make sure DHCP SERVER is disabled. And assign the same static ip address to the WAN as used on the sonicwall, OR use dhcp to obtain an address on that interface. Set the LAN interface to the same as the LAN interface of the sonicwall.
On the server, check that DNS is up. Check that in DHCP server, clients are being given the address you assigned to the LAN interface of the wrt54g as the gateway, and that they are pointing to the server for their primary dns.

It sounds like the router just has the wrong ip address information on it is all. If you correct that, it should work just fine.

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