Network Troubles

By stepsimon ·
I have a peer to peer network of 13 PCs. Periodically, (once or twice a month), the network traffic all but stops. Some of the PCs can be seen on the network, but the majority cannot. Networked printers cannot be reached. There have not been any recent changes to the network.

Our ISP provides a router for internet traffic, from there we have a Linksys router for the firewall, then a switch.

If I power down the switch, then turn it on, everything returns to normal. I don't see any abnormal IP traffic in the Wireshark captures I've taken.

Any advice or clues as to where I should be looking would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have any AC mains surge protection ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Network Troubles

It is not uncommon for spikes in the AC Mains voltage to cause symptoms such as you have described. Surge protection can alleviate this problem somewhat but cycling switches and routers is usually fairly routine.

My always-on home network has surge protection but I sometimes just have to cycle my router to regain full internet functionality.

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by stepsimon In reply to Do you have any AC mains ...

We operate out of an old building and I'll bet you anything you're right about the power surges.

The electrical system is so wacky, it's a wonder the lights stay on.

I'll look into shoring up the surge protection.


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If it's Windows peer to peer, 10 concurrent connection

by CG IT In reply to Network Troubles


So what you might be seeing the the effects of users not being able to connect due to the limit.

What will happen is users will basically get bumped off and only have their desktops available.

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