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By Khaight ·
I have been having touble chronically with DNS not resolving. First thing I did was ping -t the two gateways for Covad and for PacBell and noticed that they were pinging eradically and the time=xxxms would go from 16ms to 1200+ms and then it would rto. If I unplug my outside line it restores in a few seconds. I then put 1 machine on the "outside" and pinged and did so from within my network. It was slightly better from the Covad router but not much. 2 questions:
what can be used to reset the time on a ping or icmp packet, and at what point should I go to Covad support?

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Ping switch

by Ironcrown In reply to Network Troubleshooting

In order to see the entire list of switches available for a DOS command (including ping) type the command followed by a forward slash and a question mark. Ex: ping /?. That will show you ALL the switches available for modifying the output. To extend the timeout you'd use the -l <time in milliseconds> switch. Ex: ping -l 5000 - that will give you a 5 second delay.

I would call Covad and have them troubleshoot with you. Check for errors on the DSLAM interface (they'll have to check) and reprovision the PVC. If that doesn't work, the problem's on your side. Just a tip, first tier support at Covad is in India - don't even bother asking them to troubleshoot with you. They don't have a clue. Ask for second tier immediately.

Good luck!

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