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    network troubleshooting


    by elsie ·

    Their two computers that are networked but they cannot see each other unless you ping and change the IP address,but once you change the IP address internet goes down how can you solve this?

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      not enough info to give a viable answer

      by stealthy ·

      In reply to network troubleshooting

      Your question doesn’t include enough info to give a conclusive answer. Things would make it easier to answer;
      1. How do the both connect to the internet.
      2. What are the ip’s on both computers before you change them, basically what I am trying to figure out is here do the computers get the initial ip from and are they correct, correct as in within the same subnet & sort….

      3. which ip do you change when the internet stops working…

      Keep in mind the more info you include, easier it is to figure out the problm.

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