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    network user authentication?! any advice?!


    by r_o_l_a_n_d ·

    hello all,

    i recently moved away from ISA to a more hardware based solution which is the cisco router 2811.
    things are going pretty good without the headaches of ISA restarts and crashes..
    though such an issue brings the integrity of my network security to mind.
    i have wireless AP all over my network, as well as places that ppl could plug in their laptops without my knowledge.
    even though access points are secured using wpa, though its not good enough as u all know.

    am researching solutions that might come in handy, which ill pick the best one i see fit to implement.

    the main purpose, is finding a way for my network users to prevent them of having connectivity, unless authenticated.

    do you think active directory would do the trick?! i just want to use it for authentication, ill keep the router as the dhcp server.
    is there a way to accomplish this?! or any other solution thats more professional than wht i have in mind?!

    ps: is there a way to connect to a cisco router through vpn! (i dont mean cisco vpn, but the concept of windows vpn, where u wont have connectivity unless authenticated through a vpn session with the server)

    any and all advices are appreciated:)

    thanks in advance.


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      by r_o_l_a_n_d ·

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      A Trust and Identity System could help as well

      by trent ·

      In reply to network user authentication?! any advice?!

      Active Directory is a start, but you’re only control info for users, services and MS type clients. Something like our Avenda eTIPS product let’s you manage/utilize existing network resources as well. Plus, you can centrally configure, and add policies and updates from from one place. The last thing is that a product like ours will also work in the MS and Cisco world which is fairly common.

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