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Network win98 & XP with crossover cable?

By bozhe ·
I'm trying to network 2 standalone non-internet-connected PCs, 1 running Windows 98 and 1 running Windows XP using a CROSSOVER CABLE. The NICs and TCP/IP are working on both PCs.
No XP firewall; both have static 192.168.0.x addresses; same subnet mask; same workgroup name; ran XP's home network setup on both PCs. Only result thus far: XP can see 98 in My Network Places. Neither computer can access a share on the other nor can they ping each other (yes, they successfully ping and their own static IPs). Tried two different crossover cables. I've done this successfully before (XP---null modem---98 2-pc network) What is preventing these 2 PCs from networking?

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by TechieRob In reply to Network win98 & XP with c ...

Ouch. I feel your pain

The problem lies is some wierd DNS and IPX/SPX settings. I have found in the past that if both PCs are running IPX/SPX it wont be as bad a problem -

The real issue is the order in which PC boots up. I've networked like this before and found that so long as the 98 machine boots first it does not pose a problem. Its a pain in the proverbial I know - but if you are not running any DNS servers on the network (in which case you aren't) then the first PC to boot up has to be the 98 one.

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by Walkerxp92 In reply to Network win98 & XP with c ...

I have worked with some of this before but not had this exact problem.. but this may help... running the home network setup on just the xp machine then on the 98 machine do a ipconfig /release all and then ipconfig /renew I don't remember the exact comands but you can always just use the ? in the command prompt after ipconfig to tell you exactly what they are...

Also another issue I have had with this type of set up is for some odd reason I have had to share the shared folder twice, basicly sharing it to everyone once then set up another share on the same folder just different shared name and that has worked...

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Network win98 & XP with c ...


You should also make sure that both machines contain the same user accounts, and that those accounts have the neccessary rights to access the shares.

I don't understand how the XP machine can see the Win98 machine but that you are unable to ping it.

Is the Win98 machine set for share level or access level control? Is the guest account enabled on the WinXP machine? If the Win98 machine is set to access level control you will need to add the names of the accounts that are allowed access the shares on the Win98 machine.

Good luck

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by pierrejamme In reply to Network win98 & XP with c ...

I am with Black Currant.
Does your W98 have a user account on the XP that has a password??
i don't hink XP will allow access from anyone without setting up and account with a pssword. you might need to turn off fast switching if enabled on the XP.
Good Luck

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by ustek In reply to Network win98 & XP with c ...

listen to Blackcurrent and you'll be OK.

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