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Network Windows 98SE and Windows XP Home

By ElettaC ·
I need to know if it is safe and, how to network Windows 98SE and Windows XP Home Edition. I have not found any information concerning this exact problem. Please help.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Network Windows 98SE and ...

it's safe. if they are connecting to the internet, run a firewall on both boxes...and antivirus...
do you want them both to be on the internet?
you don't need to configure them to be on a network for that. but you may want to for convenience.
first cable them together then use the Network Setup Wizard on the XP Box (look in Control Panel). the Network Setup Wizard will make you a floppy you take to the win98 box to configure it to be on a network with the xp box.
to cable them together you can use a single network 'crossover' cable to connect the two pc's via their network cards (no internet in this setup), or a 'regular' network cable on each pc and plug them into a hub or switch. you may have a dsl modem with a built in switch. plug them into that to get them both on the internet.
if stuff doesn't work try this:
change the link lights at each end of the network cable. if they don't light up when the computer is on then that must be fixed first. there can be a few reasons why this doesn't work so post back as you try this...?

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by CG IT In reply to Network Windows 98SE and ...

you need to run NetBIOS over TCP/IP because W9X O/S [including Windows ME] finds other computers by machine rather than by IP address.

The best way to network is to create a workgroup. You do this by deciding on a workgroup name [better if it wasn't "workgroup" then join each computer to the workgroup [control panel, system,Computer Name tab, use the connection wizard [XP O/S].

Next is to assign each computer with a static IP address [Class C try for one comp and for the other. Subnet mask Note: the default for XP Home is to have NetBIOS over TCP/IP from DHCP and when no DHCP is available to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP so you don't have to worry about configuration unless you changed it.

Next is to buy yourself a 4 port switch and connect both together using the switch [eliminates the need for cross over cables].

Then on the XP Home box assuming you have SP2 with the firewall is to configure you firewall trusted zone to include the IP address range from to or if you add more machines to the network to 192.1681.3 and so on.

make sure the Windows File and Printer sharing protocol is installed and Client for Microsoft Networks protocol is installed [both machines].

Make sure the user account that will be used are on both machines. Your log in account on XP Home must be on the W9X machine for your account to access shares on the W9X machine and vice versa.

Finally share something. The default is to allow the everyone group. The everyone group literally means everyone. You, your kids, the pet dog, Marvin the mailman and the guy down the street should he hack in.

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