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Network Wiring Certification

By davestas ·
Is there any certification the state or federal government requires to run network wire in a home or office??

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by ghstinshll In reply to Network Wiring Certificat ...

Any people I know who are certified carry an electiricians card or something like that. network wiring in a home is still wiring and is considered to be electrical work as far as I know.

From my perspective, network wiring is passive in nature and doesn't really need much skill in installing, since most of us here do it pretty consistently at the office, etc... If you're worried about doing it at home and not being certified, I don't think it's an issue if you know you're doing a good job.

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IEEE is your best resource

by TomSal In reply to Network Wiring Certificat ...

The IEEE website is your best bet for these kind of answers.

I'm not too familiar with running cable in residential dwellings (besides my own of course).

I believe the IEEE is

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by timwalsh In reply to Network Wiring Certificat ...

A specific certification is more likely to be a requirement of employment by a specific company.

From the legal side, it may be more an issue of being licensed rather than having a particular certification. For example, professionals such as electricians and plumbers must be licensed because there are standards (and more importantly, building codes) that must be followed. These professionals must usually pass a test on their knowledge of these codes to become licensed. Many of the same standards and building codes that apply to electricians will also apply to cablers.

From the aspect of licensing (if in fact it is required),there is probably a distinction to be made between wiring your own home or office, vs. doing this as a business. Regardless, applicable building codes will still need to be followed.

Your best bet might be to inquire at your local building code enforcement agency.

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