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network within a network

By utken ·
I would like to form a small network within (maybe outside?) our existing NT domain-based Ethernet LAN but not sure where to begin. We intend to get a server box (Win2000 server)which holds data for only 3 of our 30 users. It'll be in the same location with the existing LAN but it will not join the NT domain. What kind of setup will I need in order to allow the 3 users to have access to the 'stand-alone' server and the LAN at the same time? Thanks for all help.

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2 Alternatives!

by areets In reply to network within a network

But I would only help by design view.

"Holds data"...What data?
Do you require 2nd domain?
Hub or Switch numbers?
Separate Internet access or shared with FW?
Shared network resources...which?

With these answers, I can offer an optimal config.


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network within network

by utken In reply to 2 Alternatives!

1) The separate server will hold a MS Access database which to used by the 3 users. Currently the db is stored locally (not shared) on one of the 3 computers while everything else they use (printers and other public drives) are shared via the domain. For data security reason, we plan to move the db to a better machine (ie, server) and at the same time share it among the 3 ppl. We also don't want its heavy usage to consume our LAN traffic and are hoping that a 'stand-alone' server will do the trick.

2) I'm not sure. Can they log on to the existing domain and still access the db from the new box?

3) They're currently sharing 1 switch that connects their office to the domain switch. Each pc has 1 NIC, an IP address and subnet mask for the NT domain already.

4) They will still share the Internet connection with the rest of the users via a domain FW.

I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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