Network without connection to Internet

By imanother ·
Currently, I have a PC and two laptops networked wirelessly, and two PCs isolated. I now wish to set up a home server to wirelessly back up work from the two PCs not on the network, but do not want them to access the Internet once brought onto the network (no patches, updates, a/v, antimalware involvements). Is this possible, and if so, how to go about it, please. It seems to me that, without a connection through a browser, that might be automatic, but am I missing something?

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Network adapter settings

by yovev In reply to Network without connectio ...

All you have to do is manually configure the network adapters of those two PCs. Don't add Default Gateway and DNS servers. This way, having only IP address and a subnet mask your PCs will join the LAN but will not be able to access the Internet.
For exact instructions on how to find the network adpater settings for your OS search for "manually configure network adapter in <OS name>".

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Not sure how to configure

by imanother In reply to Network adapter settings

Thanks, Yovev. Although I set up this network, I am not sure how to go about following your instructions as to configuring the adapters. Through the wizard? You advise to 'search for "manually configure network adapter in"'. Where and how to search?

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Go to each of the two computers in question.

by Ron K. In reply to Not sure how to configure

Click Start\Control panel and once it's open make sure that you are in Classic view by clicking Classic view on the left-hand side. If you already see icons in the window you are in Classic view. <br>
Click Network Connections. That should open a window entitled LAN or High-Speed network with a an icon for Local Area Connection. Right click on that. Scroll down to Internet Protocol. Click the Properties button. Click the radio button to choose "Use the following IP address. Leave that and the DNS server entries blank. Click OK. <br>
I've never used the advice about leaving them blank but this would be how you go about doing it.

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will this server

by .Martin. In reply to Network without connectio ...

be connected to the internet?

in which case, put 2 NIC's in the server and make two networks. one for the internet connected, and one for the not connected.

as for configuring it... I'm not too sure.

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not necessary

by yovev In reply to will this server

.Martin., the configuration I have offered is the same for any machine on the network that should not have an Internet connection including a server. Not to mension it does not include any additional purchases, additional cables etc.

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didn't think

by .Martin. In reply to not necessary

of doing that way.

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by .Martin. In reply to not necessary

that would allow the computers to interact with each other, allowing (a slim chance) of a cross infection of viruses.

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Server not to be on the Internet

by imanother In reply to will this server

Thanks, Martin. No, the server will not have an Internet connection, but I note your point as a solution should that have been the case.

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