network works on some computers and not others and bounces around

By ccarpenter1991 ·
I volunteer for a ministry in Memphis Tn. We have a wdmycloudmirror that is used so the staff can access and store files on the network and be able to use it from any computer in the building. It has become a problem recently that the network works on some computers and is entirely \\wdmycloudmirror unfindable and 0 pings returned from the command prompt. Come in the next day and works on the computer it didn't work on but the computer it was working on stopped working. I have no idea why this is happening. Why does it bounce around and seemingly just decide I don't want to work on this computer today?

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Sounds as if the Maxinum Number of Concurrent Connections

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to network works on some co ...

Is being exceeded by the workstations in the building.

Here we would need to know the OS on the Server or whatever it is and what are the number of CAL's in the case of Microsoft OS or whatever they are called on the OS in use here.

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