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    Networked Win98SE ‘Fat Clients’ randomly


    by jdep ·

    Network: Novell 4.11 – Server: Tulip – Switches and Hubs:Cisco
    autosensing.Network: 100BaseTX – Installation: Cat5 Enhanced. Clients: ‘Fat’ 90% Win 98SE. Protocols: IPX and TCP/IP.
    Problem: All Win98Se Fat Clients hang on random occasions
    whilst attempting to shut down. ‘Older’ machines are more prone than newer (old = less than 200Mhz). MS Knowledge Base Article Q2419 refers to Microsoft’s acknowledgement of this problem as a bug in 98SE – some bug!! MS Knowledge Base Article Heading: “Intel DmiRemoteRegister() may hang on Win98SE if target node is local computer and protocol sequence isTCP/IP (ncacn_ip_tcp)” Keywords: kbWinOS98bug
    Workaround is given as:
    “To work around the problem, you can use the local procedure
    call protocol sequence (ncalrpc) instead of TCP/IP protocol sequence (ncacn_ip_tcp).”

    Can anyone offer advice with implementing the procedure.
    Thank you in advance – John de-Pulford

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