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By zexman ·
How to protect my local network from viruses
and hikers

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by zexman In reply to networking

how to go about it

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What kind of network?

by seanferd In reply to networking

What operating systems?
Wired/ wireless?
How many users?
Open to the public?

Best things in general are to run anti virus, do not run as administrator for normal use, disable wireless or enable encryption, change default passwords, use strong passwords.

Keep software and OS patched up to date.

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No tresspassing signs and contact the local game warden.

by DMambo In reply to networking

That should at least help with keeping the hikers out. As far as the viruses, look for one of the good anti-virus apps or suites.

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by Brenton Keegan In reply to No tresspassing signs and ...

I was thinking the same thing.

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I disdained to reply.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to No tresspassing signs and ...

'Hikers' was too easy. I leave such cheap, meager fodder for those of you who need the practice.

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Thank you

by DMambo In reply to I disdained to reply.

That's a generous gesture as we approach the holiday season.

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Think nothing of it.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Thank you

If you'll excuse me, I'll reascend my pedestal. It's so much easier to observe the lower orders from there without having to actually interact with you.

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