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By sexy_chicken_man ·
hi i have adsl and 2 computers on a network running through a swich they both have the net but the file sharing wont work and we cant play lan games what should i do

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by simon In reply to networking

Oh my goodness, that is a loaded question, we will need more info in order to help you.

What version of XP are you using.
XP Pro acts differntly to Home.

Have you set file sharing.
This might explain why you can't share files.

Do you have a firewall on.
Could be blocking your connections.

What IP addresses are the PC's.
Might be on different network addresses, so can't see each other.

Are you on the same workgroup.
Have to know they are supposed to work together.

What ports on the switch are you using.
Some have uplink ports.

That should keep you looking for a while.

Good luck.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to networking

A good starting point is to run the Network Setup Wizards again on both computers and enable File & Printer Sharing let the computers Auto Detect their own addresses and make sure that they are on the same Workgroup while that is a starting point.

As the above poster said it all depends on which versions of XP you are using and if the Switch is correctly connected to the computers and there are no problems with the CAT 5 cables and no crossover cable involved. You shouldn't be using any crossover cables in that setup and there is a slightly different method for working with XP Home to XP Pro but that is the basic and once you can see the shared documents on each computer you'll then need to share whatever games that you want to play.


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